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KA 2 projects


In cooperation with Tanext Akademy  Ariadne had the possibility to be practical partner in the OPEN The DOORS program.

We have a special Inclusion Programme at our school. The programme lasts six weeks and aims to re-socialise young people who have dropped out of regular education. Typically, they have different kinds of problems like drugs or criminal problems. They have harmful social backgrounds.

To motivate the students and them keep in the programme we recognised that it was not enough to call them into school and class but we had to offer them programmes in which they could be interested. As the youngsters had passive resistance with anything bidden by adults, we decided to plan a project together with them. So we asked them about their interests, had talks about their life, thoughts, wishes. At last, it turned out that most of them like sports, so they suggested a project about it. The project name was BSC (Befogadó Sport Club), Inclusion Sport Club. Then we were talking about roles. One young boy undertook the status of the director and a young girl the status of the secretary of the Club. Talks by talks we had the following roles: organizer, web site designers as IT experts, cook, graphic artist, and tourist guides. After brainstorming, together we planned how to build this “business”. All jobs had its own tasks and they worked in pairs or small groups. The original idea made them excited as well as the entire process. It was great to see how they could mobilize their activity, as they felt the project their own creation. Gradually, there were many successful moments and they created visible products as well like web site design, text for introduction of the Club, programme offers, menu for the Club’s restaurant, and so on.

CHRISS- working with Romanian, Denish, Italian and Greek parners on anti-radicalizacion in school.


The project was a wonderful example about innovation in school with studenst and theachers as well. 


Transferring Innovative Practices (TIP) is a strategical partnership between organisations and practitioners active in social and educational work from 5 different European countries.

With this partnership we will share experience and knowledge, exploring the potential of non formal approaches in education, specially addressing young ELET (Early Leavers from Education and Training) and NEET (Not in Employment, Education and Training) but also connecting different target groups, disadvantaged low qualified youngsters and young graduates ready to integrate social and educational working places, both groups being mutually beneficial, both struggling for their first experiences for social and professional integration.


IP Project – Transferring Innovative Practices in 2nd chance education addressing ELET